Working Across Time Zones: Best Practices and Tools

The government is funding a down payment of over £600 million over the next two years. Digital technologies have radically transformed lives, from smart phones and apps to the internet of things. The Chancellor has recently clarified the government’s priorities for the UK Infrastructure Bank to ensure the Bank is able to invest in critical supply chains where it meets the Bank’s strategic objectives, including semiconductor manufacturing and critical minerals. The Bank is actively engaging with the relevant sectors and exploring opportunities in these markets. The government is therefore focused on securing the investment needed to deliver clean energy and support industry to decarbonise.

  • Homes for Ukraine and homelessness prevention – The government will extend ‘thank you’ payments into a third year for Homes for Ukraine sponsors across the UK.
  • “Let your team know you’re available over Slack (or whichever tool you use), and build in ‘air-time’ in your agenda for check-ins or quick chats.”
  • High inflation remains a challenge for many households, and this pressure is not spread equally.
  • You’ve probably used Word and Excel sometime in your life and Outlook is often the email service of choice with companies.
  • A key to communicating with colleagues is knowing precisely what time it is—for everyone involved.

Once everyone’s set and communicated their working hours, make sure you’re respecting them! This respect is so key to maintaining work-life balance across time zones, and making sure that everyone is communicating in a productive way. Asynchronous communication is important to be inclusive across time zones and schedules, to make sure we hear from introverts, too, and to make sure everyone gets time to focus. Using these tools to keep time zones top of mind makes sure that all team members have an equal opportunity to work smarter, not harder, and that they can engage or disengage when they want.

Be very explicit about deadlines and meeting times

Of course they’ll have to happen from time to time, but it works best if you ask them what day can work best for a late night in advance. Perhaps you’re still working out the kinks of a dispersed workforce or are realizing that the perk of being location independent isn’t something you’ll be able to easily take away. With teams expanding to numerous locations, there is a greater need to understand how to build relationships specific to a dispersed team structure. Workplaceless is committed to helping multi-time zone teams through learning and facilitation through our remote work training programs.

best practices for working across time zones

Table 1.2 provides an update on all new significant contingent liabilities taken on since the last update at Spring Budget 2023. The expected loss of these contingent liabilities is £1.3 billion, of which £1.1 billion supports the Government of Ukraine through World Bank guarantees. Other contingent liabilities include the Shipbuilding Credit Guarantee Scheme provided by the Department for Business and Trade and an extension to HM Treasury’s Mortgage Guarantee Scheme. The fiscal rules commit the government to reduce borrowing and to get debt falling over the five-year forecast period. The rules require PSND excluding the Bank of England as a percentage of GDP to be falling and PSNB to not exceed 3% of GDP, both by the fifth year of the rolling forecast period.

A resilient economy and public finances

The policies set out in Box 4.A, taken together, could raise business investment by around £20 billion per year in a decade’s time. The Autumn Statement aims to boost business investment by introducing measures such as making capital full expensing permanent. The OBR estimates this measure will lead to £14 billion extra business investment over the forecast horizon.

best practices for working across time zones

That way, the time zone for each recipient get’s adjusted automatically according to their time zone. However, if you specifically mention the time zone in your email, you can use GMT or UTC to mention the time. These activities, therefore, working remotely in a different time zone can put a burden on the firm’s financial resources, yet, an occasional company team-building event can yield important returns in terms of overall productivity, trust, and team spirit inside your scattered organization.

Leverage tools to help with time zone management

The government has published its full response to the review, supported by an implementation plan, to make the UK one of the best places in the world to conduct clinical research. Up to £20 million of this funding will launch the first Clinical Trial Delivery Accelerator, focused on dementia, to help innovation reach NHS patients even faster. Key to the UK creating a world-leading AI ecosystem is access to compute, which powers the development of AI models. In the last year, the government has announced significant compute investments, including £900 million at Spring Budget 2023. The government will be investing a further £500 million in compute for AI over the next two financial years bringing the total planned investment in compute to more than £1.5 billion. These investments will allow researchers and SMEs to develop new foundation models and maximise the UK’s potential in AI, enabling, for example, the discovery of new drugs.

The government is committed to delivering the landmark G20/OECD two-pillar reform to the international tax system in response to the challenges posed by the digitalisation of the economy, which was brokered by the Prime Minister as part of the UK’s G7 presidency in 2021. Tax professionals have welcomed the simplicity of full expensing that was due to come to an end in March 2026, and the government has announced that this will be made permanent. The government will take this opportunity to determine how the capital allowances legislation could be simplified in consultation with industry. The government will extend ‘thank you’ payments into a third year for Homes for Ukraine sponsors across the UK. These will remain at £500 per month and reflect the ongoing generosity of hosts in supporting those who have fled the war. To grow the economy, the government is committed to building on the potential of all areas across the UK, and to tackling the unequal spread of opportunity.

It’s nearly hard to arrange everyone to meet at the same time without inconveniencing someone if you don’t have team members working in overlapping time zones. During onboarding, make sure your communication policies and collaboration tools are properly defined and communicated. These rules can be reviewed and referred to by employees, so they know what to do and what is expected of them.

  • As part of this reform the government will protect the interests of lower paid self-employed people who currently pay Class 2 NICs voluntarily to build entitlement to certain contributory benefits including the State Pension.
  • This investment will pave the way for new space clusters and infrastructure, make progress towards the government’s climate goals by supporting the earth observation industry and deliver new capabilities in low earth orbit satellite communications technology.
  • A note setting out the key changes to the policy following the technical consultation is published alongside the Autumn Statement, ahead of it being legislated for in the Autumn Finance Bill 2023.
  • After accounting for decisions at the Autumn Statement, borrowing is forecast to be lower this year, next year and on average over the forecast period compared to the OBR’s March forecast.
  • It covers all the essential elements including responsibilities, skills, qualifications, and employee benefits.


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