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The advantage of this broker is the choice of account types. Each of them has excellent trading conditions. And there is even a cent account.Cent account is an opportunity to have full-fledged trading opportunities for traders not ready to invest big sums. Hi Rajesh,We appreciate your feedback! We’re committed to continuous improvement and providing you with the best trading experience.

This means that they are making false claims and such a broker cannot be trusted. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. There is a very peculiar account type division that I didn’t come across earlier.

It is not just limited to novice traders. Even as a pro trader, you would be surprised at what you could learn. LimeFx is perfect for beginners but not limited to them. It’s great that they focus on the MT4 platform, which makes it easy for novices to start.

  • I joined the first meeting yesterday and I must say that I am thrown away of the knowledge that has been presented.
  • Haven’t commenced real trading yet, but I’m bout’ fact, the conditions here fully meet my needs as the presence of several platforms and account types blow my mind.
  • 😃🙌 We understand the importance of offering a diverse range of trading instruments, including CFDs on shares, to provide opportunities for maximizing returns.
  • Trust the process, keep learning, and you’ll continue to thrive as a pro trader.

However, they should keep in mind that new traders are more interested in crypto and throw around slang like HODL, FUD, Pump and DUMP etc. Therefore, it would be beneficial for them to incorporate crypto into their services. Without a doubt you can trade hee, earn money and purchase benefits for yourself. But, remember about constant practicing and learning. Pretty advanced broker.This company has a set of modern services.

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🌐💼 We’ve put in the effort to ensure smooth performance and minimal lag. Your trading experience matters, and we’re here to provide the best possible platform. Keep enjoying that lag-free trading with LimeFx! I’ve never thought mobile tradign may be so convenient and usable. I was convinced that there were no brokers which would deliver well-optimized solution for those traders who couldn’t stare at the monitor all day long.

  • Because that is how the world is working.
  • Please allow us some time to investigate your case.
  • If trustpilot had a section to post photos i would attach a screenshot here.
  • I like the fact that I run into them quite randomly, and it turned out to be a solid alternative for my trading life.

I believe that the podcasts are especially important to people whofrequently multi-task and find it hard to create the time to settle down and pick up a book, or watch a video. The broker really did think outside the box for that one. Hi Ravi,Thanks for being a loyal trader on our platform! Rest assured, we’re always working on improving and providing the best experience for traders like you.

My story of howo I startet trading here…

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and features that empower you to reach new heights in your trading journey. It’s fantastic to know that our platform’s advanced technology and user-friendly design have made navigating the markets a seamless and enjoyable process for you. Thank you for your kind words, and we’re here to support you as you continue pushing the boundaries of your trading potential! Hi Wanlop, We’re thrilled to hear that you find our educational resources valuable, including our YouTube channel! We’re committed to providing a learning-friendly environment for traders of all levels.

they even have a tradecopier!!% I have…

It’s a decent way to begin for newbies traders. Besides the standard account types with fixed or floating spreads there is an opportunity to open a Cent account. They are allowed to trade more safely with it.

Faster withdrawal process- instant Confirmation. Hi Khalid,We’re thrilled to be your go-to choice for beginner traders! 🌟🎓 Our Trading Academy offers a wealth of resources to help you learn and grow. Trust the process, keep learning, and you’ll continue to thrive as a pro trader. Hi RRamon,We’re thrilled to hear that our variety of account types is helping traders unlock their potential! 🌟🔓 Whether it’s the Standard account or an advanced one, we’re here to cater to your needs.

The trading conditions overall are very good, but frankly i dont understand why they are insisting with the old mt4 products. It’s fine and does its job well, but they need to have something better than that man. I didn’t love their own mobile app either. They gotta step their game up sometime.

Helping traders like you achieve their goals and find a way out of the traditional job structure is a true honor for us. Your 5/5 rating in all aspects is truly appreciated. We’re excited to have you as a part of our community and look forward to supporting your trading journey for the long run!

l’experience est bonne c’est facile…

Hello Dennis, You’re on the right track now! 🎉 Education is key in trading, and we’re thrilled to hear that LimeFx has helped you level up your skills. Remember, losses are part of the game, but it’s all about minimizing them. Hi Sserratos,Thank you for taking the limefx courses scam time to share your thoughts about your experience with LimeFx! Much appreciated 😃LimeFx ⚡️Empowering traders. When you go through the offerings of LimeFx, you will discover that they are using a very popular scam tactic that should immediately put you on alert.

Hello Dirk de Jong,Your kind words mean a lot to us! We’re glad to hear that our withdrawal process met your expectations. Our team works hard to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience, and we’re glad to see that it shows. Thank you for choosing LimeFx 🤩🤩LimeFx ⚡️Empowering traders. Hi Moin Khan, Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience and tips with the community. We’re thrilled to hear that you’ve sorted out the withdrawal process and things are running smoothly for you now.

Thank you for choosing LimeFx as your trading platform, and we look forward to serving you in the future.LimeFx ⚡️Empowering traders. I have been using LimeFx for a few months and am generally happy with the service. The spreads are competitive and the variety of tradable instruments is good.

So they are providing the best ways to make their traders happy and I am not talking about some weed. It is really the security, the fees, almost 0 slipages, almost no spreads and a lot of different stuff that matters for me and for traders. So if this is not enough, you should take a look.

Hi uday,We’re glad you’re enjoying our TradeCopier feature! 🤝📈 It’s a powerful tool for both your independent trading and copying profitable trades. Keep exploring the possibilities, and here’s to many more successful trades with LimeFx! Hello Liem, We’re thrilled to have your attention! 🌟💼 Whether you’re a CFD trader or a follower, we’re here to support your trading journey. Thanks for choosing LimeFx for your trading adventures!

😍 🥰 We are committed to providing our clients with excellent service, and we take pride in our customer support team’s responsiveness and problem-solving abilities. We’re glad that our team was able to assist you with your queries and concerns.Thank you for choosing LimeFx! 🙌 We look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible trading experience.LimeFx ⚡️Empowering traders. Hi Ravisha,Thank you for your kind words! 😊 We’re delighted to hear that you consider us a legit broker and that you had a positive experience with our withdrawal process and customer service. Providing efficient and friendly support to our clients is a top priority for us.


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